How to Accept Rejection

Got my first rejection of this round of submissions: from The View from Here. Boilerplate. It’s not fun, but it’s all right. It’s all right because rejection is just one inevitable part of life, as previously discussed. And it’s all right because not everyone is going to like everything. Fun would be something along the […]

Book Recommendations, Writing Progress, and Other

Over the weekend, I reread Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald, an inspiration if there ever was one. Does anyone else find it wonderful that she did not start publishing novels until she was 60? And then what novels! For economy of language, wit, clarity, and compassion at all the crap life piles onto people who are just […]

What Are We Waiting for

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, that crazy venture in which you write 50,000 words of a consecutive narrative thread in 30 days). The NaNoWriMo motto is The world needs your novel.I don’t know whether the world needs my novel, but I do know that every November for the last 5 years, I considered participating in NaNoWriMo but […]

PSA: Conducting a Performance Review of the Inner Critic

For a few days I’ve been considering what Freud identified as the super-ego, what has become popularly known as the inner critic, or if you’re abundantly blessed, your personal busload or committee or parliament of inner critics. Generally speaking, the role of the inner critic seems primarily protective, as wrongheaded as its tactics are for that […]

The Big Idea, Cross-Referenced to Basic Rules of Item Writing

What endeavor doesn’t benefit from planning and preparation? What endeavor succeeds without preparation? Ah, fatal words! Too late in moving here, too late in arriving there, too late in coming to this decision, too late in starting with enterprises, too late in preparing. These first guidelines of the CCSSO/TILSA Quality Control Checklist for Item Development […]