What the World Needs Now

It may be unnecessary to say that in talking about what’s wrong, I don’t mean to pick on anybody in particular. Even if it is one person making specific mistakes, I tend to see this as a systemic ill, as previously discussed, rather than an opportunity to dogpile on an unwitting offender. A systemic ill […]

When Everything Goes South

Bad news in Florida. Preliminary results released Monday indicate that just 27 percent of fourth-graders earned a passing score of 4.0 or better (out of 6) on the writing test. A year ago, 81 percent scored 4.0 or better. . . . Passing scores plummeted from 81 percent to 27 percent for fourth-graders and showed similar […]

The Problem with Pink Celluloid

You may know, as I did not until today, that celluloid was the first thermoplastic. It was first made in the mid 1800s, and was a cheap replacement for ivory. It’s very flammable, though, and is quick to decompose, and so fell out of favor, and is now mainly used in guitar picks and ping […]