My Dream Project

Sometimes I amuse myself by thinking of fun little work projects I would like to do. My dream projects. A few years ago, I read about a study in Florida which got me thinking about developing some kind of pre-testing curriculum. (Testing isn’t going to go away. Nor should it, entirely. Whenever anyone waves the […]

Not Such Good News

From Connecticut: Results from the 2008 ACT college admission test show that many Connecticut high school seniors are “appallingly” unprepared for college-level work, according to a state report. Of the 8,159 students who took the test, 35 percent of white seniors, 18 percent of Hispanics and 9 percent of African Americans were ready for college-level […]

A School of My Own

A few years ago, someone approached me about starting a charter school. Although I was on board with the idea, quite frankly, I was horrified at the possibility of being the person who executed it. Me, a principal? I could not see it. Still feel that way. I’m more of a supporting role actor. But […]