Wrapping It Up

Another school year ending, while students and teachers rejoice, and we prepare for the anachronistic ritual of American summer, thus setting our children up for a lifetime of annual disappointment as working adults–unless they take up teaching. Not to get on my hobbyhorse of increasing the school year–as much as I do believe that is […]

Moral Failings

One of my many, many flaws is that I harbor a regrettable fondness for being right. I won’t say that I told you this just recently, but: Students at Mount Vernon receive an extra 25 days of school a year, comprised of optional intersessions attended by 98 percent of the student body. According to the […]

Why American Kids Fall Behind

Or maybe we should say, “Why American kids who are poor fall behind.” There are many reasons, including the morally reprehensible way schools are funded, which inevitably leads to segregation by class and race and socioeconomic status. (Which adds up to the same thing, really.) Yesterday I was reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, so I […]