How to Get the Best from Item Writers

Many years ago, I was a development manager at a Great Big Huge Test Publishing Company. I’ve already told the story of how I began as a temp employee in hand-scoring, as so many recruits to the test publishing industry do. Armed with my book-learnin’ and a new but hardly marketable M.A. in English, emphasis […]

Whale in a Bathtub

Does anyone remember Helen Palmer’s A Fish Out of Water, one of the classics from my childhood? The plot is simple, but compelling: A boy brings home a fish, overfeeds it, and the fish gets bigger and bigger and bigger until it is immense. I won’t spoil the ending for you.The need for growth management is […]

Worry Plate

Title courtesy of Julie Allinson, founder of Eyebobs, purveyor of fashionable eyewear, from an interview provided as part of the content for this online business course I’m taking. What’s on the worry plate? Let’s just say that mistakes were made. To err may be human, but nobody likes to be reminded just how human one’s […]