One Bad Apple: File Under Problems Not Addressed by NCLB

It may be a testament to public education that not until my daughters were in 8th grade that we encountered a teacher whose practices were so fundamentally unsound that I was forced to take action.From kindergarten until now, my daughters have had a series of teachers whose professional abilities ranged from the solidly competent to […]

File Under: All Roads Lead to Rome, Cross-Referenced to Mandatory Reading

The book every K-12 content developer–assessment and curriculum–should read is Tested: One American School Struggles to Make the Grade, which was recommended to me by a colleague and likeminded comrade in quality assessment content development, Carmen, a senior level genius expert at Anonymous Testing Company.To say that the tests administered yearly at grades 3-8 (inclusive) […]

Big Wheel Keeps on Turning

This just in, from Frank Brockmann, Center Point empresario and fellow quality crusader: President Barack Obama announced last week that 10 states will be exempt from the requirements of the highly-criticized No Child Left Behind legislation. In exchange, those states will have to agree to a series of reforms. But some experts say the law […]

No News Yet

We’re all waiting to see what Arne Duncan is going to do, and whether NCLB is going to be reauthorized, revamped, or kicked to the curb. Looks like we’ll be waiting for a little while yet. Asked if he will push for passage of a new version of NCLB, Duncan says that he first wants […]