From The Guide to Wrangling Freelancers: Help Freelancers Love Their Work

“All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.” In the immortal words of Aristotle. The question is does work have to make people miserable? (If you don’t know whether you hate your job, you can take this quiz to find out.) I propose that it doesn’t; we don’t all have to feel like drafthorses harnessed to pull wagons […]

From The Guide to Wrangling Freelancers: Sweet Talk the Talent by Showing Appreciation

Compliments seem like a good idea, but don’t always work out as planned. Some people view compliments with suspicion; others are mildly allergic to them. I like them when they seem real, but when they devolve into flattery, I find them irritating. When I say that in wrangling freelancers we need to sweet talk the talent, […]