I found this interesting, about how the popularity of free online education may lead to its being free no longer, and institutions may be begin to charge students. (More here.) Which sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it.I’m taking a few classes through Coursera. One is a business class, as mentioned previously, which interested me […]

Education for All

The University of the People offers online tuition-free degree programs in business administration and computer science. General education classes in arts and sciences are part of the degree programs.More here.It’s back to Martha Nussbaum for me.

Free Education for All

Did you know you can take free university courses online?At MIT Open Courseware, there are more than 2,000 classes available. For free. This is simply amazing. (Maybe you knew about this and it’s ho hum to you.) Students can learn about anything, about everything, can build their own program of study.MIT Open Courseware even offers […]