My Dream Project

Sometimes I amuse myself by thinking of fun little work projects I would like to do. My dream projects. A few years ago, I read about a study in Florida which got me thinking about developing some kind of pre-testing curriculum. (Testing isn’t going to go away. Nor should it, entirely. Whenever anyone waves the […]

More than a Check

Sometimes I approach my work sort of like the way doctors approach theirs: Above all, do no harm. Tests are hard enough for students without our setting up unnecessary roadblocks. I like to think about writing tests that are transparent–that give a straightforward view of student performance. No obstacles. Which means sticking to all the […]

Get a Job

In the ASCD newsletter, there is a posting for this job (complete job description is reprinted at the end of this post). It’s a good job for someone with the required qualifications. Back in my CTB days, when I was a program manager, I worked with the Department of Defense Education Activity, and I must […]