The Dunce Is Us: The Real Problem with the Common Core Standards

Oh, come on. Sometimes it is just plain embarrassing to be American: ….fewer than half of Americans have heard a “fair amount” or “great deal” about the Common Core. Despite that lack of familiarity with the standards, 60 percent of the poll respondents say they oppose the Common Core being used in their own local […]

Louis C.K. Hurt My Feelings

Louis C.K. hates the Common Core standards. I first saw it here, on the HuffPo, from David Letterman. Later, a friend/colleague (I don’t name her only because she is in the business, too, and I don’t want to get her in trouble) sent me a message to make sure I saw it–thanks for keeping me […]

Zip a Dee Doo Dah, or Go, Team!

As I work my way through the list of 10 Reasons Why Assessments Make the World a Better Place, I realize that this list is more of a grab bag of opinions festooned here and there by ribbons of fact than an argument resting on a solid platform constructed of actual information. (Not that there’s […]

If You Get Any Closer, You’d Be Me

I’d just read The Sound and the Fury and The Hamlet, and then started Wise Blood because I’d read an excerpt that was one of the funniest things I’d ever read. Those Southerners, you know. (I’m reading my way through my own Southern gothic course now–I’ll continue with Faulkner, then more O’Connor, and go from […]

Where Ask Is Have

That meaningful conversation about the Common Core Standards I was asking for? Here it is, by Freddy Hiebert, of TextProject and the University of California at Santa Cruz, in her blog Frankly Freddy: Acquiring knowledge is the raison d’etre of the Common Core. In the digital-global world, the “haves” are the ones who have knowledge and know […]