One Bad Apple: File Under Problems Not Addressed by NCLB

It may be a testament to public education that not until my daughters were in 8th grade that we encountered a teacher whose practices were so fundamentally unsound that I was forced to take action.From kindergarten until now, my daughters have had a series of teachers whose professional abilities ranged from the solidly competent to […]

Not Such Good News

From Connecticut: Results from the 2008 ACT college admission test show that many Connecticut high school seniors are “appallingly” unprepared for college-level work, according to a state report. Of the 8,159 students who took the test, 35 percent of white seniors, 18 percent of Hispanics and 9 percent of African Americans were ready for college-level […]

Incentive or Punishment?

I would rather think of it as incentive. But I like to look on the bright side. You know that in 2006, Florida came out with a policy of linking teacher pay to student test scores. On the surface it might sound reasonable, but you have to roll back the carpet on this one to […]