Go Deep: How to Avoid Writing Superficial Reading Comprehension and Literary Analysis Items

Item writing is so complex–it is this interweaving of interpretation and analysis and extension of ideas beyond the text; it is the conjoining of skills and knowledge in order to measure students’ skills and knowledge. There are so many ways to get it wrong. In writing items to measure reading comprehension, one of the most […]

How Can We Test Better?

All or nothing, good vs. evil, black or white thinking is rarely useful or accurate. No surprise when that’s true of testing. While of testing I might say, in the immortal words of Marianne Moore, that I, too, dislike it, I don’t dislike all of it all of the time. Some testing is necessary. We don’t […]

Saturday Round Up: Free Resources for Teachers

I love the Innernetswebthingplace. There are so many amazing and wonderful free resources for teachers: lesson plans, videos and videoconferencing, animations, photographs, primary source documents, and more. “Treasure Chest” by Tom Praison. Licensed under CC BY 2.0. This is a select list. Everything is free–the only exception is Graphite, which offers reviews and lists of […]

File Under Fun Friday

For fun. Because it’s Friday, and because when you’re a writer, you need to wander sometimes. Always something to think about at Brainpickings. Austin Kleon is “a writer who draws.” I’m late to the party on Electric Literature so I have to make up for lost time. FlakPhoto gives you something to look at. This video […]

Occupational Hazards for Writers and Editors

That title of occupational hazards for writers and editors almost sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? Courtesy of Forbes, here’s the list of 10 Deadliest Professions: loggers fishers (fisherpeople?) pilots roofers steel workers garbage and recyclables collectors workers on electrical powerlines all manner of drivers, truck or otherwise) farmers and ranchers construction workers How safe […]