File Under Fun Friday

For fun. Because it’s Friday, and because when you’re a writer, you need to wander sometimes.

Always something to think about at Brainpickings.

Austin Kleon is “a writer who draws.”

Austin Kleon

I’m late to the party on Electric Literature so I have to make up for lost time.

FlakPhoto gives you something to look at.

This video of a giant manatee is sweet and lovely–the rawness of the video just makes it more real.

Nothing cooler than Mental Floss.

Narratively: “Human stories creatively told.”

I just love National Geographic. I was reminded of this in the waiting room at the optometrist’s.

Pandas on a slide never lose their charm.

Find short ebooks by women at SheBooks.

SoulPancake, who brought us Kid President.

SurLaLune Fairy Tales, because who doesn’t love fairy tales?

The Moth stories are so compelling, so clever or moving or funny or all of these, that it’s tempting to do nothing but listen. I have to limit my Moth listening to chore time.

Upworthy videos are often inspiring, funny, or otherwise interesting but difficult to classify.

Have a fun Friday.

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